Joe is a skilled courtroom attorney and one of a dwindling number of attorneys that practices both plaintiffs’ law and criminal defense. He is equally skilled in Civil Law and Criminal Law.

For the past 25 years, thousands of people have turned to me for advice and comfort in times of need…and I have heeded their calls, whether harmed in an accident or accused of a crime.

I treat every client exactly the way I would want to be treated: with respect, dignity and warmth. My clients remain friends, knowing that I am available for them in any situation with advice and counsel. Just call me and I will answer.
I tell all prospective clients, trying to make a decision concerning the hiring of a lawyer to ask one thing: The first question to your lawyer is “how many cases have you tried in court?”….

…..In my case, the answer is over “One Thousand” trials, trying cases from Federal Court to County Courts, in many jurisdictions and before hundreds of Judges, pleading to thousands of Jurors.

When you walk into a courtroom, facing a Judge, a Jury, or an Adversary, you want to feel respected and at ease knowing that you will be guided through an uncertain path… When clients say “Joe’s my Lawyer” they do so with pride and knowledge that I am by their sides with vast courtroom experience, knowledge of the law, and the heart of a Lion.